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Today's great universities are backed by communities of generous alumni and friends. At the University of Montana, private gifts supplement funding from tuition, fees, the state and federal governments and other sources. Giving at the President's Club level helps the University meet pressing, current needs.

You can give to whatever area inspires you - from creative writing to chemistry, football to French - there are endless opportunities to ensure UM students, faculty and staff have the resources to pursue new opportunities and innovations, while putting dreams into action.

A single gift of $1,000 or a total of several gifts that add up to $1,000 within the University's fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30, qualify you for membership. You may give to any combination of programs.

Once you've qualified for membership, you'll receive benefits such as the opportunity to request up to 5 parking passes on campus, invitations to exclusive events, insider information about UM and much more.

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