Learning Commons at the Mansfield Library

The Learning Commons will reinvent how the University community seeks expertise, conducts research, works on projects and studies.  It will foster solutions to research problems and become a gathering place for students, faculty and departments across campus to pool resources on collective scholarly pursuits. Its design will focus on the social and educational needs of the digital generation while enhancing the learning process. The Mansfield Library’s four other floors will continue to offer quiet spaces while the new Learning Commons will offer a multi-purpose, high-energy learning environment. The combination of a collaborative space for technology plus the expertise of library professionals make the Learning Commons a University necessity.  Fundraising efforts are currently underway, with a target goal of $3 million.

The Learning Commons will include:

  • Multi-media pods for creating presentations and working with multiple technology options
  • Collaborative and independent work areas for tutoring, group study and small group instruction
  • Digital learning labs where students can access computers and University learning tools
  • Theater-style seating and flexible walls allow for readings, dissertations, concerts and more

Why does the University of Montana need a Learning Commons?

A new Learning Commons is necessary to provide our students and faculty with the very best in scholarly support.  The Mansfield Library was constructed in 1973, before the influence of computers, the Internet, laptops, wireless networks, and electronic library collections. While the current space is adequate for individual, quiet study and traditional holdings, it does not address the learning or technology needs of today’s students and faculty, nor the contemporary role university libraries play in creating and validating the world’s knowledge.

“The limits of my learning mean the limits of my world.” – Aristotle

The digital generation has arrived and brought with it the reinvigoration of teaching and learning. The library must change in order to keep up with this new group of students, researchers and University faculty. To learn more, visit the Learning Commons website. To offer your support, please contact Cindy Williams or make a gift using the form below.

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To find out how to support the Mansfield Library, contact Cindy Williams.

Cindy Williams