Grateful Nation

Grateful Nation Montana was formed for the specific purpose of facilitating college educations for the children of soldiers killed while on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. Working with a combination of public and private resources, Grateful Nation links eligible students with the financial resources and non-monetary support they will need to have a successful college experience. Grateful Nation currently focuses solely on providing these resources and support to Montana military families. To date, 40 soldiers from Montana have been killed in these conflicts, leaving a total of 28 children behind. To learn more please visit the Grateful Nation Montana website.

The University of Montana dedicated a memorial in November 2011 to honor Montana members of the military who have died while on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The memorial features five bronze statues by Montana native Rick Rowley.

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For more information, or to find out how to support Grateful Nation, contact Cindy Williams.

 Cindy Williams