The University of Montana has many opportunities for endowments. 

Minimum naming levels for endowments are listed below. However, each endowment is unique, and as such, we invite you to speak with one of our development officers to learn more.

Minimum Naming Levels for Endowments


  • Dean's Position: $2-3 million 
  • Distinguished Chair: $3-5 million 
  • Chair: $2 million 
  • Professorship: $1 million
  • Visiting Artist-in-Residence, Scholar or Professorship: $500,000 for each semester
  • Faculty Fellowship: $250,000 
  • Faculty Award, Faculty or Staff Development Fund: $50,000

Student Support

  • Doctoral Fellowship: $600,000-725,000
  • Master's Fellowship: $100,000 
  • Presidential Leadership Scholarship: $180,000-250,000
  • Minimum Named Scholarship: $25,000

Programmatic Support

  • Distinguished Lectureship: $500,000 (based on one lecture/year)
  • Endowed Collections: $25,000 endowed 
  • Dean's Opportunity/Excellence Fund: $50,000
  • Research Fund: $250,000 
  • Minimum Endowment for Any Fund: $25,000


  • New Building, Addition or Major Modification: at least 50% of total project cost
  • Spaces or Rooms within a New Building or Major Modification: dependent on individual project parameters
  • Existing Building: at least 50% of total estimated project replacement cost
  • Spaces or Rooms within an Existing Building: at least 50% of total estimated project replacement cost 
  • Other Campus Property: 100% of total project cost

Schools, Colleges, Departments and Programs

  • Dependent on individual program parameters