Giving Highlights

Total Support 

Giving through the UM Foundation $43.8 million
Giving through private grants to UM $9.9 million

Total Private Support to UM $53.7 million

Video Highlights

Campus Unit Support

Campus Support, Listed in Thousands

Distributions to UM from the UM Foundation

Scholarships and Awards $4.38 million

Academics and Institutional Support $7.04 million

Facilities and Equipment $967 thousand
Total Amount Disbursed to UM from the UM Foundation

Giving through the UM Foundation: Gifts by Source

Montanans 61%
8,346 donors gave $17.99 million

Out-of-State Donors 39%
5,248 donors gave $25.8 million
Gifts from Montanans vs. Out-of-State
Giving by Group

Friends 30%
Corporations 13%
Foundations 2%

UM Foundation Total Endowment

$184.37 million

UM Foundation Financial Statements

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