Feb 28 2013


Throughout the months of March and April, faculty and staff volunteers from all areas of campus will talk with their peers about the importance of private support for UM and the power of giving back.

Dr. Ray Ekness, journalism professor, leads this year’s campaign.  Ekness and a team of faculty and staff volunteers will focus on participation throughout the campaign.

More than 300 faculty and staff contribute to The University of Montana each year, with an approximate 15 percent participation rate. This year, Ekness hopes that participation will top 20 percent.

His desire to give back began when he was a student at UM. “I’ll always be thankful for what faculty and staff did to make my time in the Radio-Television Department and at the Journalism School such a great experience,” says Ekness. “Since I was lucky enough to join the UM faculty, I want to ‘pay it forward’ to my students. But it’s more than just my time. I give a financial gift to UM each year to help fund student scholarships, faculty research and funds to help graduate students with their professional projects. It’s my way of saying thank you.”

Eckness emphasizes the importance of participation at any and every level.  Each person has different means and abilities to give, but whether you make a small gift or a large one, your gift counts.

The collective efforts of our campus community have the potential to power UM to a new level of excellence. Join Ray in making a gift today.

For more information about the 2012-13 UM Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign, contact Tara Udall, associate director of annual giving – internal campaigns, The University of Montana Foundation, at 243.2575 or, or visit