May 09 2014


It’s been a record fundraising year for the University of Montana Foundation, and University employees have played a role in meeting that milestone. This year, 275 employees have contributed to the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign, which kicked off April 1. The Foundation hopes to grow that number to at least 470, or 20 percent of University employees, by the time the campaign closes on June 30.

“It’s wonderful to see how much UM faculty and staff care about the University and our students,” said Tara Vinson, associate director of annual giving for the foundation. “We want to thank all of the donors who have contributed so far and let others know that it’s not too late to be part of the campaign.”

Of those who have already contributed, about 50 chose to sign up for payroll deductions online. Deductions are an easy way to support the campaign, as gifts can be spread out over the course of an entire year.

“This is the first year we’ve offered the option to sign up for payroll deductions online,” said Vinson. “It’s been a very popular choice.”

The goal of this year’s campaign is to support students with more scholarships and fellowships, but donors can choose where to direct their funds, and contributions support many different departments, scholarships and programs.

Some campus departments are going head to head to see who can raise the most money. Last year, the accounting and finance department in the School of Business Administration garnered 100 percent participation. This year, the College of Education and Human Sciences aims to match that with 100 percent participation throughout the entire college. The challenge is in full swing, and our most up-to-date totals show a close race.