Grizzlies Going Places

Name: Jake GreenJake Green
Hometown: Spokane, Washington
Major: Photojournalism
Year: Junior
Scholarship: Jeff Cole Memorial Scholarship

Why did you decide to pursue journalism?

I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 9. I guess when you’re a kid and you enjoy writing, it seems like journalism is the way to go. By the time I came to school, I’d found a couple of idols in the field – and I’d picked up my first camera.

Why is being a scholarship recipient meaningful to you?

Without scholarships, it was debatable whether I would be able to come back to UM this year. I remember sitting at the Dean Stone celebration, which is the journalism awards banquet, waiting and hoping. Maria Cole [who established the scholarship] was actually the one who announced that I was the recipient. It was a moment of surprise. I was really happy that school wasn’t a question anymore.

How has your UM education changed you so far?

I think education shows you – in a good way – that you don’t know everything. It’s made me curious to know more.

What are your plans for the future?

Short term, I’ll probably graduate next December, which puts me in pretty good standing to get a six-month internship with a news corporation as a photojournalist. It’s a great way to go to the East Coast and build contacts before you go to apply for jobs. I’d like to do that, then get a job for a couple years at a paper. Then I’d like to go back to school for a master’s. I’m thinking about going to the American University in Cairo or Beirut to study Arabic with a journalism twist, for reporting in the Middle East. Long term, I have huge aspirations to work for a photo agency like Magnum or VII – the best of the best as far as photojournalism goes.

How do you plan to give back in the future?

I would love to make a name for myself someday so that I could help up-and-coming students. For me, school wouldn’t be as much of an option without scholarships. I think I have something to give, in the way of my professional career, and could support another kid who also has something to give.