Long-term Love Affair with Montana Leads to Gift to UM

Raised in Southern California, Roger Parsons fell in love with Montana in 1994, when he and his brother spent a week in Glacier National Park. In the ensuing 18 years, he became one of Delta Airlines’ better customers, making over 120 trips to Western Montana. When retirement rolled around, he wanted to make Montana his permanent home.

So, in 2012, he moved to Missoula, just a few blocks from the University. He thoroughly enjoys visiting campus for lectures, films, music performances and Griz games, and spends a lot of time hiking the region’s trails. 

The more he’s gotten to know UM, the more he’s come to like and respect its people and its service to the state.

Glacier National Park

“This is a very welcoming community, and I appreciate that the University holds academics at a high level,” he says. “For me, the University is perhaps the greatest asset in the State of Montana.”

For all that it’s given him over the past four years, Parsons wanted to give back to UM. He recently made an estate commitment to support academic scholarships.

“My goal is to provide an opportunity for hard-working young people – who may not have the necessary financial resources – to attend a highly respected university.”

Education has been one of the cornerstones of Parsons’ life. Like so many donors – whether UM alums or not – helping others enjoy the same access means the world.

“My education provided me with professional opportunities, but perhaps more important, it instilled a desire to continue seeking knowledge, which has enabled me to gain much more enjoyment from life,” he says. He hopes his gift will provide the same value and experience to his future scholarship recipients.

Photo credit: Rick and Susie Graetz