The Deciding Factor

Scholarship support makes all the difference for prospective students.

CarlyCarly Stinson couldn’t be more satisfied with her decision to attend the University of Montana. As a resource conservation major, she’s found UM to be an excellent place to study hydrology and pursue wilderness studies.

But coming here wasn’t a given.

“I was unsure where I wanted to go to school,” she remembers. “But then I received a recruitment scholarship, which made attending UM the best option financially.”

AlexFor Alexandra Schilling, an English education major from Cut Bank, Montana, a recruitment scholarship also swayed her decision to attend UM.

“Based on my FAFSA, my only option was to take out unsubsidized loans,” she says.  “Being able to come to UM without taking out loans was awesome.”

According to Tom Crady, vice president for enrollment and student affairs, Schilling and Stinson’s stories are not uncommon.

“The cost of higher education has risen faster than inflation,” he explains. Even with UM’s comparatively low price tag, many families cannot afford to send their kids to college.

With state and federal support declining across the nation, scholarships have become the deciding factor for many high school students on where to attend college. Awards specifically for incoming freshman and sophomores give the University an edge over its competition.

These awards close the gap between the cost of attendance and what a family can pay, without creating debt. And, even a small award shows a prospective student that they are valued, making scholarships one of the most effective recruiting tools out there.

As Crady and his team work hard to streamline recruitment and enrollment efforts, alumni and friends of the University have the opportunity to play a crucial role. Donations in support of recruitment scholarships will have a direct, tangible impact on UM’s efforts to grow enrollment. At the same time, they make a difference in the lives of students like Stinson and Schilling – inspiring new generations of passionate Griz.

“Anytime we can give a scholarship, it makes a difference,” Crady says.

Your support could be the deciding factor for a prospective student. Visit to invest in recruitment scholarships today.