Awards Celebrate Classroom Excellence

Last winter, Pacific Coast Banking School (PCBS) established the Pacific Coast Banking School Outstanding Faculty Award at the School of Business Administration. It’s the kind of award that doesn’t come along too often – one where the winners are chosen by students. Five faculty members with high student evaluations – one in each department – receive a substantial cash prize.

Dave Enger, president of Pacific Coast Banking School, explained why it was meaningful for the organization to support professors who excel in the classroom.

“The great teachers inspire, motivate and entertain,” he said. “They make the material come alive in a practical and useable way that resonates with students. In short, they are giving their students a foundation for future success.”

Award recipients

Since 2015, there have been two rounds of award winners. Several of them told us what the award means to them.

“I really appreciate the thought behind rewarding good teaching. I am now teaching the sons and daughters of previous students. To continue to be recognized for my teaching is truly an honor.” – Teresa Beed, Accounting

“What I love about teaching is that my students are constantly challenging me to learn more. I get to spend the rest of my life learning and sharing with them.” – Suzanne Tilleman, Management

“We have a culture at SoBA that supports and encourages great teaching. To have a great donor like PCBS support that is really motivating.” – Justin Angle, Marketing

“It’s gratifying to know that students appreciated my teaching, and I was very thankful to receive some additional funding, which gives me more time to work on my teaching.” – Keith Jakob, Byrnes Professor of Finance

“At graduation this year, I was an usher for the SoBA ceremony. Right before I let one row of students up to the stage, the first student stood up and said, ‘Without you, I would not have a career. Next week I’m moving to Detroit to start with FAST Enterprises. I don’t know that I would be if I had not taken your Introduction to Consulting class.’ Interactions like these are why I teach.” – David Firth, Management Information Systems

2015 Award Recipients: Casey McNellis (Accounting), Keith Jakob (Finance), Suzanne Tilleman (Management), Emily Plant (Marketing) and David Firth (MIS).

2016 Award Recipients: Teresa Beed (Accounting), Tim Manuel (Finance), Michael Braun (Management), Justin Angle (Marketing) and Jason Triche (MIS).

Pictured above: Dave Enger (left) stands with four of this year’s winners: Jason Triche, Justin Angle, Tim Manuel and Teresa Beed. (Not pictured: Michael Braun.)