Grizzlies Going Places

Charli WhiteName: Charli White
Hometown: Silesia, Montana
Program: Journalism with minors in Spanish and History
Scholarship: Flightner Scholarship

Thanks to a scholarship, UM senior Charli White participated in a foreign exchange trip that opened her eyes to a new world.

Tell us about your trip to Argentina.
My trip was led by one of my Spanish professors, Maria Bustos. We were there for three months, starting in February 2016. The first month of the trip, we spent time in Buenos Aires and Patagonia immersing ourselves in the culture. Our classes at the University of Belgrano started in the second month. We had a nice mix of class work and free time, so we got the experiences of both learning in the classroom and learning by discovering Buenos Aires. We also stayed with host families, allowing us to interact closely with local residents. It was a really rewarding experience.

What was it like taking classes while having to translate a lot in your head?
The teachers talked to us only in Spanish, and it was amazing how by the end I actually lost my grip on English. I had stopped translating in my head and had let the Spanish language become its own entity there instead. What was really strange was coming back to Montana and struggling to get my English back. I had to rediscover words like I was learning my own language again.

How did the Flightner Scholarship help make this trip possible?
When I first discovered what studying abroad was, I instantly wanted to do it. As the opportunity drew closer, I really started looking at the logistics and cost of it. There was definitely a financial concern, and getting the scholarship put a lot of that at ease. It allowed me to just enjoy myself while I was there a little bit more, and not be constantly worrying about what it was going to cost me.