Grizzlies Going Places

Bailey DurnellName: Bailey Durnell

Hometown: Great Falls, Montana

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

Scholarship: Briscoe-Gray Memorial Scholarship

Why did you choose UM?

My parents love UM. I grew up watching Grizzly football every Saturday. This campus and community have provided me with more support, opportunities and experiences than I would have ever found at another school.

Why did you decide to pursue political science?

Political science explains how the world works. I love how abstract it is, the way it allows you to think about concepts. My favorite class has been American Political Thought with Ramona Grey. It explores parallels between different political movements.

How has your UM education changed you so far?

I don’t even remember who I was before I came to UM. I’ve developed intellectually and had opportunities to pursue different activities. My involvement with things like ASUM, the Montana Model United Nations and my sorority, Delta Gamma, has created the space for me to have meaningful conversations and to become a better communicator.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m exposed to something new that changes my mind every week, it seems. Maybe law school, maybe a master’s in political science.

Why is being a scholarship recipient meaningful to you?

It’s really incredible. It subsidizes a lot of what I was taking out in loans. I’m working one job now, not two. I have a lot more time for school.

How do you plan to give back yourself?

I think it’s always going to be important for me to instill values of appreciation for higher education. Hopefully I have the means and resources to do that one day.