Fellowship Kick-Starts Careers

Asia CalouriSince Asia Caluori came to UM, she’s been busy. Caluori is a management information systems major at the School of Business Administration. She has served as a peer advisor, department assistant, Mansfield Center intern, member of the MIS Association, and has traveled to serve on different project trips.

During the spring 2017 semester, Caluori was awarded the Deborah McWhinney Emerging Leaders Fellowship Award. She used the award to help cover expenses for her internship in San Francisco with financial services firm KPMG this summer. The new fellowship, which is for high-achieving business students, was given to two students this spring.

“I established the fellowship award to help outstanding students get a kick-start in their careers,” says Deborah McWhinney, the funder of the award. “Asia is a clear standout at the University of Montana.”

McWhinney, a former UM Foundation trustee and volunteer, funds a number of scholarships. She sees giving back as a way to help the world of tomorrow. “If my legacy is that I help launch the next generation of business leaders, I am very satisfied,” she says.

For Caluori, the award meant financial security as she pursued her internship in San Francisco.“I pay for my own school, so usually I spend my summer working a couple jobs, and all of that goes towards tuition,” she says. “My internship does pay, but living in San Francisco sucks every penny of that. With this award, it helped take care of tuition this year.”

At KPMG, Caluori worked with financial departments of companies in the area. She helped solve IT problems through data research.

“You talk to someone like the founder of the award, Deborah McWhinney, and it makes you want to conquer the world,” she says. To learn how Debby has provided for this fellowship in perpetuity through her estate, visit SupportUM.org/impactreport/2017.