Cate Sundeen

Director of Development, Mansfield Center

Cate Sundeen | 406-243-4990

Cate began her fundraising career more than twenty years ago as the UM Foundation’s event coordinator. She left UMF in 2000 for a grand adventure in Kumamoto, Japan teaching English to elementary and junior high school students. Upon her return to Missoula, Cate worked at the American Cancer Society and then at the MCT: Home of the Missoula Children’s Theatre and Missoula Community Theatre. Cate is thrilled to be back at the University of Montana Foundation and at her alma mater where she thrived as a Liberal Studies and Art student. Cate and her sweetie of fifteen years, Adam, enjoy gardening, skiing, golf, and getting together with friends over good food and beer. They also enjoy attending performances and music festivals and never turn down a chance to Waltz.