Gift Management and Fees

The University of Montana Foundation imposes minimal fees on certain forms of gifts and on our endowment. These fees are designed to assist the Foundation in:

  • maintaining over 1,900 distinct funds;
  • building and maintaining relationships with donors and prospective donors;
  • providing receipts for all donations;
  • processing the collection of all gifts (cash, check, credit card and stock gifts);
  • reporting on all contributions and disbursements to academic units;
  • processing all checks and vetting each disbursement request against established criteria;
  • stewarding donors via acknowledgements, special events and communications;
  • providing donors with endowment and stewardship recipient reports which show all fund activity in each fiscal year.

The University of Montana Foundation is an independent and private organization, whose primary objective is to raise money to benefit the University of Montana. As an independent organization, fees are necessary to support the ongoing operations of the Foundation. The Foundation's fee structure is periodically reviewed and approved by the Foundation's Board of Trustees. Currently, the Foundation has three distinct fees as described below.

Endowment Administrative Fee

A 1.86% per annum Administrative Fee is charged on the University of Montana Foundation's endowment funds.

The fee is assessed and charged quarterly and is based on the weighted average of the past twelve quarter-end balances of each endowed fund.

Development Fee

The Foundation assesses a one-time 5% development fee on non-endowed, non-scholarship gifts.

All bequest gifts will have a one-time 5% development fee assessed, including both scholarship and endowed gifts. Bequest gifts include but are not limited to direct distributions from a donor's estate, including proceeds from life insurance policies, retirement funds, trusts or other assets.

Liquidation Fee

A 10% liquidation fee is assessed on the sale proceeds net of expenses incurred on the sale of the property.