Why Invest in the University of Montana?

UM prepares students for lifelong success.

The University of Montana is a place of opportunity and transformation. A UM education expands students’ boundaries of knowledge and develops them into next-generation leaders. It prepares them to adapt, navigate and succeed in a constantly changing world so they graduate prepared to grow and flourish throughout their careers.

Most importantly, the high-quality education provided at UM is accessible to students so they may pursue their dreams of a college degree no matter their starting point in life. More than 40 percent of UM students are the first in their families to attend college. With an unwavering commitment to student support and success, UM gives all students access to robust in- and out-of-classroom resources and opportunities such as hands-on learning, study abroad and undergraduate research that build intellectual, physical and emotional well-being.

UM is a place of innovation. The discoveries made by faculty members and students impact Montana and the world. Notable research ranges broadly from fields such as forestry and wildlife biology to areas including physical therapy and movement sciences, physiology, marketing, and translational medicine.

Your gift changes lives. With sustained philanthropic giving, the UM promise of a world-class education comes alive, and noble work across campus is achieved every day.

The lives we change will change the world.

Planned gifts, such as those included in a will or living trust, make a difference in a variety of ways depending on the legacy you want to leave on campus. You may choose to establish or enhance an Impact Fund, providing campus leadership with maximum flexibility to direct resources and achieve strategic priorities. Or, you may designate a specific purpose for your gift, such as a scholarship, faculty fellowship or research program. Many donors choose to establish an endowment, in which their gift is invested in perpetuity and a percentage is made available to support the University each year. Endowments ensure a gift remains a steadfast source of support long into UM’s future and can bear a donor’s name or the name of a loved one.

Whichever option you select, each investment in the University of Montana is transformative. Your passion and vision will continue to impact many generations to come. As you make your contribution and share your spirit of generosity, you join a special community of individuals, families and organizations that is deeply committed to the collective charge of ensuring every student succeeds and UM remains one of the most accessible world-class public research institutions in the world.

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Alison SchultzContact Senior Director of Planned Giving, Alison Schultz at 406-243-5121 or alison.schultz@supportum.org with any questions about making a gift through your will, trust or beneficiary designation to benefit the University of Montana. We're happy to help!

The Office of Planned Giving provides information about the benefits of planned gifts and does not provide any legal, financial or tax advice. We encourage you to talk with your advisors who are familiar with your specific situation to determine the benefits to you.