Franke Global Leadership Initiative

The University is a place of opportunity, where all students can succeed. The Franke Global Leadership Initiative is a shining example of UM's dedication to providing transformative experiences that help students thrive.

The Franke Global Leadership Initiative is a certificate program that encourages undergraduate students to lead, innovate and think entrepreneurially in order to propose solutions to some of society's greatest challenges. Each year, a cohort of students from disciplines across campus is selected to participate in this 4-year, 12-credit Certificate in Global Leadership. 

Students in the Franke Global Leadership Initiative begin by exploring new and enduring global challenges through small, interdisciplinary seminars and through a survey course that delves into specific challenges within a set of five overarching global themes. After gaining an understanding of global challenges, participants experience different styles of leadership and begin to practice and develop leadership styles of their own. 

During the final two years of the certificate, the program hones in on a specific theme and challenge chosen by each student. The world becomes the classroom in year three as students undertake experiential learning in both domestic and international settings. By year four, students are ready to bring their individual experiences together through a culminating capstone project with interdisciplinary teams. Each team presents a problem and proposes an innovative solution formed from out-of-classroom experiences and disciplinary knowledge.

Support the Franke Global Leadership Initiative

You can be a part of this distinctive approach to undergraduate education. Private gifts support the program's four thematic areas:

  1. Exploration of global challenges
  2. Leadership development
  3. Beyond-the-classroom experiences
  4. Collaboration and culmination

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To find out how to support the Franke Global Leadership Initiative, contact Kate Jennings, Vice President of Development.

Kate Jennings