Carroll and Nancy Fields O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West

The Carroll and Nancy Fields O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West is a research and education program focused on building a better understanding of the rich past and promising future of the Rocky Mountain West region. The Center is a resource for key decision makers and stakeholders in the state and region in understanding challenges and opportunities for the future in the context of the region’s past and present.  The Center honors these connections by reaching across the boundaries of disciplines, ideologies, and political jurisdictions to affirm the growing importance of land-based and regionally defined places in cultural, social and economic life.

Points of Pride

  • The Center co-sponsored a conference commemorating Glacier National Park’s 100th anniversary with UM historian William Farr.
  • The Center publishes Headwaters News, a resource for regional economic, social and cultural information.

Impact of Giving

  • The Center is in the process of conducting a major study of Montana's growing restoration economy, examining the wide range of projects to rehabilitate and restore damaged environments and natural resources in the state.
  • A study is currently underway to examine the future of ranches and ranch communities in the Nebraska Sand Hills in partnership with the Grassland Foundation of Nebraska and the World Wildlife Fund.

The Carroll and Nancy Fields O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West presents a number of opportunities for donors to make an impact.  Research, educational resource publications, and conferences represent some of the Center’s current priorities.

Thank you for your gift.

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