Mansfield Center

Established through an endowment from the U.S. Congress, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center focuses on modern Asian affairs and ethics in public affairs, key legacies of Senator Mike Mansfield’s career.  The Center has increasingly integrated issues relating to leadership, public service and key global issues into its work. The Center also serves America’s fighting men and women via a nationally-known Defense Critical Language and Culture program. The Center is located on the fourth floor of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library.

The new Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program will emphasize the global nature of responsible decision making, the ethical imperatives of leadership and the analytical and related job skills necessary to influence policy on key local and global issues.

Through its Confucius Institute, the Center has developed Chinese language and culture study for the first time in Montana’s public schools, offering three levels of language in on-site high school instruction in Missoula and statewide online programs through the Montana Digital Academy. The CI also sponsors numerous cultural programs in schools and communities statewide.

The Mansfield Center has created a sub-focus on the environment in East and Southeast Asia, where students can see the dramatic impact of climate change in a different context from Montana. Recent projects include creation of a unique climate change study abroad program in Vietnam, a program to bring Southeast Asian students to Montana to study the environment, and a training exchange for young environmental leaders in China and Montana.

The Mansfield Center has also taken the lead at UM in developing a comprehensive Vietnamese Affairs Program, one that not only links UM to the vital ASEAN region but opens new doors to students’ study of strategic affairs, the environment, and economic development. As part of this effort, the Center  has developed exchange programs with two of that nation’s premier universities and recently brought top government officials and academic experts from both sides to examine  how China’s rise has affected the strategic environment in the South China Sea. Through the Center’s efforts, UM is also one of only four American universities invited to join Mekong 1000, an initiative to provide graduate degree training for young Vietnamese faculty.

Fully self-funded, the Mansfield Center presents a range of opportunities for donors to make an impact for UM students and for Montana. 

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